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Passive Fire Protection is a Building Warrant of Fitness requirement. From consulting to solution finding and installation, our passive fire protection services ensure the safety of your building, property and occupants. Elite Passive Fire ensures there is no “one size fits all” approach and each project is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Passive Fire Installation

We have a highly trained team of passive fire protection installers. They are experienced and certified and will deliver the most cost-effective and compliant fire proofing solutions for your project. We work alongside council, fire engineers, suppliers and clients to ensure your building is up to standard and follows the Building Code and AS1530.4/4072.1 Passive Fire Standards.

Solution Finding

We will consult with product suppliers/manufacturers, fire engineers and all relative parties involved to make sure the appropriate solution is installed from the start. Unfortunately it is all too common that passive fire protection commences before the correct solution is found. We eliminate the stress of deconstruction and time consuming rebuild by getting it right the first time.


All products used in our passive fire protection installation are tested. Our systems and solutions are 100% compliant. Our Quality Assurance (QA) will provide you with the confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. This means attention to detail at every stage of the process.

QA Reporting

Our passive fire app gets updated in real-time meaning all installation photos, fire resistant ratings, and solutions applied can be seen instantly and managed from our office or from anywhere at any time.

Industry Training

We understand that it is important that our clients are informed about what passive fire protection is required in their buildings, as well as other trades understanding how passive fire protection may affect them. We train all our installers in-house and put them through the NZQA Passive Fire Protection Installation Certificate. We also offer seminars and onsite coaching.

Remedial works

Many existing buildings in NZ often have very little or no passive fire protection in place. We can work alongside you or your compliance management services team to ensure your buildings' passive fire requirements are up to date and compliant. Retaining your Building Warrant of Fitness is essential.


We consult with product suppliers, council, fire engineers and our clients to ensure the appropriate passive fire solution is installed. We coordinate with other trades and services from the beginning and throughout the entire process, to establish good working relationships, which enable improved efficiency for all parties. We can consult further with product suppliers to find alternative solutions to suit the clients' needs. When involved at an early design stage of the build we can assure both money and time saved on our services.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety for Elite Passive Fire is of the highest importance. With 12 years experience in the construction industry and 5 years experience in passive fire we understand the importance of holding high H & S standards and processes not only for our clients but our entire team. We have a full time H & S representative who holds a NZ Certificate in Construction Health & Safety and are proud members of Site Safe. All our team attend regular H & S training's and are inducted on site.

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Getting the job done right the first time is critical for your protection. Let’s help keep you safe.