We are passionate about passive fire and keeping your building, your property and your people safe.

Our co-founder team is a great one-two punch of exceptional passive fire protection installation and savvy business sense. With over 12 years experience in the construction industry and close to 5 years experience in fire safety and protection, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in passive fire protection. We understand the pressure of meeting construction deadlines so we go the extra mile to ensure the completion of work is of the highest standard and compliant solutions are installed correctly every time. We only use certified fire proofing products and install in accordance with agreed quality assurance processes and as stated in the approved documentation.

Our team

Jeremy Tiumalu

Managing Director

Jeremy Tiumalu has been in the construction industry for over 12 years, 5 of those years in passive fire protection. Jeremy has undergone extensive product training with product manufacturers. He has achieved the NZ Certificate in Workplace Health & Safety Practice with Site Safe and the NZ Certificate in Passive Fire Protection Installation with Competenz. Jeremy is also a producer statement (PS3 Construction) author. Jeremy holds high standards for quality workmanship and ensures that all Elite Passive Fire installers have undergone thorough in-house training, product training and NZQA Level 3 passive fire installation certification.

Juanita Fuatavai


Juanita Fuatavai has owned and operated a successful consulting company for over 12 years. Juanita has a bachelors degree in commerce, majoring in Finance and a Masters in Business Management. Juanita has also worked in the corporate banking sector. Communication and time management is key to a successful project. Juanita prides herself on being a great communicator and ensures projects are run on time. Juanita runs the administration of Elite Passive Fire and holds client satisfaction at the highest priority.

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